Mango Margaritas

Viva La Fiesta !!

Viva La Fiesta !!

10 mangos-peeled and cut into chunks


In a pitcher

Make the Margarita Mix


1 bottle Patron- 750 ML bottle

6 oz.Triple Sec

3 cups water

11/2 cup sugar


Using a blender_

1/3 of Margarita Mix

1/3 of the mangoes

1 cup ice


Blend until smooth

Repeat until all blended -you’ll have 3 batches


Prepare glasses:

Swipe the rim of the glass with lime

Pour Sea Salt in a saucer

Turn glass upside down to rim glass with salt


Squeeze Lime into glass

Fill to the top with margarita. Enjoy !!

If you prefer your Margaritas on the rocks: you can omit the ice from the recipe, make the margarita mix early and refrigerate.

Then blend mangoes and mix and serve over ice.


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